Magical Three learn to Share, Rejoice and tell Stories

Magical is the world when there is so much to learn and explore. Thus, we provide our early learners the ideal platform to express themselves freely to be creative and independent thinker as well develop community building skill and enjoy sharing and caring as values learnt now will stay with them forever.


  • Literacy and Language is enriched by introducing new concepts and making them aware about themselves and their surroundings. Theme based learning through stories, rhymes, songs, and dramatic play. Letterland to teach phonics using a story-based approach.

  • Numeracy includes number recognition through a variety of hands on maths activities rhymes and games along with basic maths concept like shape and size.

  • Music and Movement to enrich every area of brain development, includes finger rhymes, chants, songs and even playing musical instruments.

  • Key Physical Experiences to ensure well-rounded development of our children through various outdoor and indoor activities to develop their body kin-aesthetic, visual spatial intelligence’s and team spirit.

  • Active Learning Experiences as children are exposed to Art materials (clay, crayons, markers, paints, collage materials) a creative favourite of most children in this age group also a precursor to develop pincer grip.