Kindergarten (Jr. KG & Sr. KG)

Confident Four & Five enrich their Learning Horizon

Our confident, independent, creative, curious and inquisite early learners with a better attention span and free expression of emotions are all set to experience, expand and enrich their learning horizon. We provide them the ideal set up to interact with their learning facilitators and peers with loads of fun filled activities and good reads.

In Kindergarten our early learners learn:

Literacy and Language

  • Recognition and writing a-z, A –Z capitals

  • Letter sounds – with an emphasis on beginning sounds

  • Vowels and their importance

  • Word Building – 3 letter words (ability to read and write will be the focus)

  • Blends and Diagraphs

  • Sight words (ability to read and write will be the focus)

  • Read simple books

Letterland Emphasizes Phonic Skills, Whole Word Recognition, Development of reading and spelling, Sentence awareness, Reading & Comprehension and Creative Writing


  • Counting: simple forward and backward, before and after, more or less

  • Early math concepts like Shapes, Sizes, Colour identification

  • Match, Sort, Pattern on basis on Shape Size and Colour

  • Ordinal numbers and Number names

  • Number Operations – Addition and Subtraction, Number bonds

  • Telling Time and Calendar

  • Data collection basics and fractions

Music and Movement

Includes learning through instruments like bells, castanets, tambourines, clarinet and loads of engaging songs, rhymes and sensory activities to develop better coordination.

Key Physical Experiences

To develop confidence, sense of achievement, self-discipline, team spirit and boost confidence and self esteem physical activities are an integral part of our daily schedule.

Active Learning Experiences

We teach our kids to focus on self-love, followed by being sensitive to those around them, including peer group, teachers