The Ultimate Guide for Safe Parenting during Coronavirus

With a wave of school closure to prevent outbreak of Coronavirus it is extremely difficult to explain to our children about the pandemic without scaring them, multitask and match the pace of work-life, and engaging our little ones in a well-planned schedule while social distancing them from their friends is even more tedious task.

We know how much you care and will take all necessary steps to protect the apple of your eye from the outbreak of Coronavirus. Don’t worry it is better to be safe than sorry and try to take all the necessary precautions to stop the outbreak rather than being a careless spreader and make things even worse.

Child safety is not only our priority, it defines us. Thus, The Learning Curve brings to you The Ultimate Guide for Safe Parenting during Coronavirus outbreak:

Plan a Schedule


Remember this is not a planned break and nobody was ready for it. So, you have to plan a schedule to keep your munchkin engaged and entertained while adhering to his daily routine.

Since it is important to set up a fixed routine for them from Monday to Friday while keeping yourself more indoors during weekends to avoid much of social interaction.

A typical daily routine should include:

1. Reading time

Read your child’s favorite story books as well as one read in school and ask questions to make it more interesting and engaging.

2. Mathematics time

Make it fun filled by using concrete objects as well as worksheets so that your child continues with his learning journey and don’t miss out during this short break.

3. Meals time

Stick to the meal times of preschool and home so that he doesn’t miss any essential nutrient and meal.

4. Physical activity

Since it is that time where gyms are closed and people are avoiding venturing out to parks and play areas make most of it by bonding with your little ones indoors by doing lots of physical activities together like yoga.

5. Free time

Nobody likes too much interference so don’t forget to give your munchkin some space and let him have his ME time by letting him do things his way during his free play time.

Engage and Entertain

Thumb rule to prevent the outbreak is to limit social interaction. Say No to play-dates specially if someone is having a sick family member. Oops kids can be asymptomatic carriers with not many visible symptoms of the virus. So, lets engage and entertain our little ones with activities like:

1. Pat-a-cake


Cook and bake with your little one. Involve them in cooking as it will engage them while also enhancing their vocabulary.

2. Lego Day


Put all his favorite blocks and ask him to make a tower, building and much more.

3. Obstacle course

indoor obstacle course

Build an obstacle course with his favorite toys and ask him to jump and play around it.

4. Arts & Craft

Arts and Craft

Just dip-dab, splash and make a masterpiece. Name the masterpiece and repeat.

5. Tell a story


Build his vocabulary and imagination by reading books and asking questions.

6. Watch Movies

family watching movie

Movies can be informative too. Watch your favorite childhood movie with your little one and relive your childhood. Don’t forget to limit his screen exposure.

7. Indoor games

indoor game

Engage him in indoor games like indoor bowling, Pictionary, puzzles, sock toss, hide & sneak, treasure hunt and many more.

8. Create Movie, Create Memories


Roleplay and create a movie of your little one in your iMovie app.

9. Sibling bonding time


There is nothing like having a sibling at home with whom your little one can learn and explore new games and ideas.

Precautionary steps

Precaution is better than cure. So, let’s keep following things mentioned below and educate our children as well:

  • Playing equipment’s should be sterilized and should not be shared.
  • Wash your hands frequently with alcohol based handwash.
  • If outdoors use Sanitizers frequently.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Limit face to face interaction. Social distancing is the need of the hour to avoid spread.
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