Teaching Indian Culture to Kids

India is a country which is filled with different cultures unique & varied. It is home to one of the oldest cultures in the world. Every aspect of Indian culture is distinctive and has layers and folklore attached to it.

Teaching our children about the different cultures in India is important as they should be aware of India’s (and thus, their own) rich cultural heritage.  They should be taught to follow and respect Indian culture. So here are some things you can do to teach your child to value India’s cultural heritage:

1) Namaste:

The good old tradition of greeting anyone with a namaste has been losing its charm. It’s restricted to hotels and/or when we travel abroad. The Namaste is India’s old way of greeting anyone by folding your hands together. Having them learn this way of greeting and even imbibe it, will bring them loser to their culture in a small yet substantial way.

2) Celebrate Festivals:

India is home to many festivals. Festivals bring in joy and celebrating them is a great way of spreading happiness. Involve your kids in the celebration – make rangolis with them, let them help while decorating the house, let them lend a hand while cooking festival special delicacies, and even shop for traditional attire together.

Doing these activities will help them get involved & thus actively teach them more about our cultures, traditions and festivals.

3) Share Stories about Indian Culture:

Kids love to listen to stories. And sharing stories about India’s rich cultural heritage is one good way to grab their attention. Read stories that promote Indian values and Indian culture and help them emotionally & intellectually connect to the moral stories. Emotional bonding helps a lot in developing any habit in kids and helps them learn to love our rich Indian culture.

4) Visit Different Places:

Try something during these vacations. Visit new places and learn about the people, the culture, the local food habits; learn how they live their daily lives, how different are their day-to-day activities. Children love to experience something new and extraordinary and this sort of learning and experiencing is sure to have a profound and positive impact  on them. Getting a first-hand experience of the different cultures across India is one great way to imbibe children with cultural values.

Yes, it is imperative and important to make your child understand the importance and the essence of Indian culture. Starting with these lessons at a young age can help imbibe these values in their life. These values will eventually develop into habits and last a lifetime.