Home Work does not nurture Learning & Creativity

What you enjoyed more during childhood: an engaging project which made you feel independent, enhanced your skill sets and also made learning fun or a mandatory homework which involved a lot of handwriting drills and needed parents’ supervision as well as developed school phobia? Haven’t you wished that homework never existed because you were just not enjoying the pressure and parameters set to make you learn?

How a preschool shapes social skills?

Preschool is a place where a child begins social interaction along with developing other life skills. Early childhood learning taught in Preschool is focused more on stimulating child’s curiosity to be independent and creative thinker rather than forcing a child to learn about a new concept which he can’t understand and relate to until being taught playfully with the help of rhymes and storytelling that will also make easier for him to recall the concept.

Holistic development is needed before formal schooling

Preschool is not about formal schooling but to instill early learning concepts in children to nurture their knowledge, creativity, skill sets as well as holistic development which includes physical, social, emotional and cognitive development that is essential throughout life without making learning stressful.

Fun always helps!

For young learners, learning should be a fun experience and not a frustrating one and the activities and learning are planned in a Preschool by Educationists and experts in such a way that focuses on the same in a structured way.

Tedious task for parents & children

Homework can be taxing for both parents and children as parents are not experts to make learning as engaging and easy as done in a Preschool by qualified teachers. Mostly homework is about testing parents and not the children as they can’t complete the task without parents’ supervision. Moreover, research shows that in early years homework has minimal academic benefits for children.

Learning through engaging activities

Parents should engage their children with storytelling, rhymes, playful games rather than restricting a child to perform a task and limiting his creativity and curiosity also making the task look like a punishment. Research also shows there is no correlation between excellence at school and the traditional paper-pen homework in Kindergarten.

NCERT Guidelines prohibit homework for preschoolers

Also, as per NCERT guidelines for Preschool Education and Curriculum to provide quality education to pre-preschoolers, the Preschool is not allowed to give homework to children.

Preschool focuses on Holistic development

Children are loaded with energy and restricting them inhibits their growth. Preschool has a set up which focuses on their holistic growth with age appropriate activities planned by Expert Educationists.

Learning at The Learning Curve

Based on this, The Learning Curve has a strict no homework policy. A day at The Learning Curve starts with a Free play /Free expression where we let children play and express their thoughts without any restriction so that it does not hamper their creativity as well as let them settle down to learn a new concept. A new concept is being introduced to children every term which includes literacy, numeracy, phonics, spellings, colours, self-awareness, awareness about our surrounding through storytelling, Music & Movement, Physical Experience. We encourage children to learn, grow and excel rather than setting parameters and forcing them to complete a task. We don’t compare a child’s learning efforts and development with other children and make him feel superior or inferior as we let them blossom at their own pace.

It’s not a rat race and everybody is a winner at The Learning Curve.

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