Give your child The Right Start by choosing The Right Preschool

Are you excited that your little bundle of joy will take her first step towards the magical world of learning? Are you equally nervous about finding the Right Preschool and give her The Right Start? Don’t worry we have a checklist which you should consider for choosing The Right Preschool for your child.

What is Preschool?

Preschool also known as Playschool, Nursery school or Pre-k is an establishment to provide early childhood education to young learners and make them school ready. A child can start her preschool as early as two years of age.

Types of Preschool

Preschool differ in their teaching styles and philosophies. Before you opt for one make sure you have done a detailed research whether it is Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia or Play-based and match it with the learning needs of your child.

Quality of Learning facilitators

The foundation of quality of a preschool starts with its Directors. The director of your child’s Preschool chain should echo the same values and compassion that you have for your child and the place should be equipped with the resources necessary for your child’s learning needs. These include the activities, toys, learning materials, ECCE trained teachers and a safe, secure and warm environment so that they Learn, Grow, Excel.


We want nothing but the best for our munchkin, make sure travelling doesn’t become a tedious task for her. A preschool only few blocks away from your home would ensure that little feet do not get exhausted from travelling but preserve enough energy to enjoy to the fullest at the preschool.

Age appropriate Learning environment

A growing child is eager to explore, experience, enrich and expand her knowledge about herself and her surroundings. While a Preschool should suffice her learning need it should also be based on age appropriate activities and focus on your child uniqueness without putting any restriction or barrier on her cognitive, social, emotional or physical development.

Interactive and Engaging environment

A child’s behavior is reflection of our responses. Thus, it is very important that our teachers have enough patience to answer all the queries of our curious little ones so as to fuel their desire to learn and explore more. Teachers should always keep the class as interactive as possible by singing songs & rhymes, telling stories, reading books and giving positive feedback to children. The teacher should involve them in several games, crafts and events to make them active contributors and develop life skills like socialization, sharing, sportsmanship, discipline, independent and creative thinking.

We at The Learning Curve inculcate passion of learning in our young learners with our International Curriculum crafted with care, experience and love by experts, based on Multiple Intelligence Theory (MIT) and do not restrict them to single modality of learning; but focus on their holistic development.
We are now present in your neighbourhood as we have 100+ centres in 7 cities of India viz. Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad to cater learning needs of your curious little one and make them confident and school ready.
We have age appropriate toys, curriculum and activities to enhance early development and stimulate brain growth. We also develop pro-social behaviour and social competence of our children with free play which is proactively monitored by teachers to facilitate learning.
We help our young learners recognize, understand, manage and express a wide range of feelings by involving them in conversations after narrating a diversified array of stories- from ancient Indian collection like Panchatantra to famous child authors like Leo Lionni’s enabling them to learn the essential concepts of sharing, self- awareness and awareness about our surrounding.
Besides, we have a well crafted nutritional meal plan which is yummy and good for her tummy- besides being interesting and varied.
So what are you waiting for? Enroll your precious one at The Learning Curve Preschool and Daycare and let her expand her wings and explore the magical world of learning

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