5 Reasons To Choose THE LEARNING CURVE

The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundation be laid. In the same way, for your child’s bright future, you must invest in his/her education.

With admissions season closing in, every parent is in a fix trying to find the perfect school. And the end for the search of the perfect preschool stops with The Learning Curve. This is why:

1) Curriculum:

The first few years of learning have the greatest impact on a child’s development. The Learning Curve’s curriculum is built around ‘Multiple Intelligence’ – a concept which works around with 8 types of intelligence which are related to a natural ability of the child with words, numbers, painting, music etc. The 3-hour schedule grants a child with time to hone their natural abilities. Activities like music and movement classes, physical exercises, dedicated time for meals and snacks help keep the child occupied and entertained. We make your child’s education a fun learning experience.

2) Concept-based Learning:

Books are knowledgeable, but learning through real-life experiences leaves a better impact on children. Children can grasp better with experiences rather than only learning via books. The Learning Curve aims for your child’s holistic development – physical, social and emotional. We allow the child to explore the physical environment, expose them to music every day, which helps in your child’s overall development. Children learn concepts in environmental science, math and language with stories, experiential activities, interaction with concrete objects or pictures, rhymes, games and fun activities. We help your child discover the joy of learning.

3) Teacher Training:

The wheels of education only keep turning when it’s always head of the curve. Our teachers undergo training to be updated and well-versed with trends and technology in the education market. We make sure your child doesn’t miss out on any skill. Our teachers are trained and their skills are sharpened periodically.

4) Nutritionist:

A menu designed by a practising nutritionist makes sure your child receives all vital nutrients from his/her daily diet. The menu has more than 120 days of unique meals, so your child won’t get bored of eating the same old meal every day. Loaded with different flavours and different tastes, your child will enjoy his/her healthy meal times at The Learning Curve.

5) Safety and Hygiene:

We at The Learning Curve take safety and hygiene very seriously. Children, in preschools, are just in the age of developing their immunity and the environment they are in affects them. That’s why we have a dedicated team for cleaning the entire centre. There are daily temperature checks, through non-contact thermometers, along with the yearly doctor and dental checkups.

You need the best to be the best! We at The Learning Curve are invested in building a foundation for your child – so strong that his/her future is surely bright. So, don’t wait and ponder. Head over to the nearest Learning Curve centre for admissions today!