After School Activities

Learning never ends: Expand your child’s learning and skills post school

Art and Craft

Dib-dab, cut-paste, let him create his own masterpiece

  • We let your child start his creative journey in an art class that is teacher built but child approved – Drawing, Colouring, Painting and Craft structured class to blossom them into little artists.



Learning never ends: Expand your child’s learning and skills post school

  • Dance helps a child to build self-confidence, self-discipline, poise and grace as well as better coordination, balance, spatial awareness, agility, flexibility, creativity, imagination, language and listening.

  • Our energetic teachers match up with the energy of our children and develop love for dancing and free expression in children.

Speech and Drama

This world is a stage, let him express himself freely through our Speech & Drama activity

  • Our specially curated Speech & Drama activity is not only fun and entertaining, it is also a building block for effective communication skill and empowers our children to express themselves freely and develop self-confidence, creative imagination and interpersonal skills.



Music is brain food so let him learn, sway and stay tuned

  • The Learning Curve, in association with Harmony Road Music School, proudly brings to you an exciting and comprehensive musical program developed by renowned US-based composer, Ms Jan Keyser. This program offers a wide range of age-specific courses, conducted by certified teachers, for children along with their parents.

Toddler Tunes Course

Age Group: 18 months to 3 years

  • 4 sessions of 1 hr/week for 12 weeks

  • 4 sessions of 45 minutes/ twice a week for 12 weeks

Toddlers learn by exploring experiencing and becoming physically involved with music activities.

The Music In Me Course

Age Group: 3 to 5 years

  • 4 sessions of 1 hr/week for 12 weeks

  • 4 sessions of 45 minutes/ twice a week for 12 weeks

Concepts covered: Ear training, solfège singing, movement, keyboard activities, pitch and rhythm awareness

The Harmony Road Course

Age Group: 5 years & above

  • 8 sessions of 60 minutes/week for 12 weeks

Develop a holistic understanding of musical concepts with a focus on keyboard playing, solfege singing as well as audition.

Concepts covered: Ear training, Solfège singing, keyboard solo and ensemble playing, rhythm activities, inner hearing, transposing and composing, building your child’s creativity.

Below mentioned are the courses specially designed for your child:

i – Maths

Age: 4 to 7 years

i-Maths is a revolutionary early learning program that focuses on making math fun for your child while making “Thinking” a natural extension of the learning process.


Age: 5 to 14 years

Time: 1 to 1.5 hour based on level

Introduce your child to the world of robotics. Programs designed to let children of all ages discover & explore Science & Technology on their own terms, in an energetic, stimulating and challenging environment.

Dino Art

Age: 4 to 10 years

Time 2 hrs

The DinoArt program provides a unique opportunity for your child to learn fundamental artistic techniques combined with the fun-filled experience of true artistic expression. Designed for all levels – beginner to Experienced.

Mother Toddler

Age: 10 months to 20 months

Time: 2 hrs (Twice a week)

Mother Toddler programme – a bonding time between the mother and child to enrich relationship. Support child’s learning and exploration of the world around them in an enriching environment to stimulate all 5 senses. Opportunity to engage in Activities to develop & support social interaction amongst same age children. Time for free play, games, fun, activities and music.