Prathamesh loves his school. He is always enthusiastic about school activities, and he adores his teachers. Our son’s language and art skills have dramatically improved, as has his recognition of colours. Good job, Learning Curve team! Not just the best but really the ONLY option for Nursery – light years ahead of all other schools.

Rajani and Prajakt Patil - Mumbai

I was moved to write this after seeing our daughter performing in the TLC Annual Concert. The event was very well organised and it was evident that great thought and effort had gone into it. The children looked adorable in their costumes, and seemed to be enjoying the performance, which was a hit with all the parents. My daughter was laid low by a viral infection these past few weeks, so she had not been able to attend some 20 days and hadn’t practiced her dancing for a long time, so you can imagine my delight when I saw her dancing with great flair and enjoyment. She gets scared of loud noises, so my husband and I were worried that she might not be able to handle the sound of the speakers on stage, but we saw her overcome that fear and dance with tremendous confidence, and for that I am grateful to TLC. We were highly impressed with TLC’s success in getting children of such a young age to perform confidently in front of a large audience. We thank TLC for this beautiful experience and look forward to more such wonderful events in future, and hope that they continue to instil self-belief and confidence in my child.

Pallavi Wakhare - Pune

My husband and I consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have The Learning Curve as a home away from home for our daughter. It was my sister-in-law who first introduced us to the centre after reading about its outstanding facilities and staff in the Bombay Times. Our first visit and meeting with the staff dispelled any doubts we had about our daughter’s comfort and security at TLC. No parent lightly entrusts their child to an unknown environment, especially given their stranger anxiety at that age, but my message to any prospective parent anxiously wondering whether the centre will provide a hygienic, homely and secure environment for their child is – trust me, it will.

We entrusted our daughter to The Learning Curve at a year and a half, when she could barely walk or speak. We did so on a trial basis, but she took to it without hesitation and we have never looked back. Ms. Sushma and her team ensured she was comfortable and took joy in learning, and this in turn gave us the confidence that our daughter would grow and become confident and independent in this environment, learning to handle situations on her own.

Three years later, we have a special bond with everyone at the centre, and in our experience, wherever there has been cause for complaint, it has been corrected quickly and amicably, reinforcing our trust in the centre. In these three years, our daughter has grown socially, emotionally and morally, and enhanced her speech and knowledge while enabling her to handle stress. I saw the progress in her adaptability to a foreign environment and comfort with strangers when we travelled abroad recently, and she delighted everybody with her pleasant and outgoing nature. We felt reassured us that she has been well looked-after at the centre. I would like to express my gratitude to TLC’s team and I pray that their efforts create ripples in the education space and that their centres reach every parent who wants the best for their child. I can only ask that you maintain these standards so that you can create magical memories for each and every child and bring joy to their parents.

Divya Anshul Khanna - Mumbai

Within a week of my daughter’s joining the centre, we saw here settle into the atmosphere quite effortlessly. It gives us great pleasure and comfort to see her start such a promising new chapter in her life in such a stimulating environment. I will be frank – Avika has had two previous experiences with daycare and play homes before this, and we were quite disillusioned with the quality of teaching and learning and removed her from those places within a month on each occasion. We were reluctant to give it another attempt, but we really were third time lucky – our fears were dispelled as soon as we visited the impressive facility and met Shilpa’s team, and any lingering traces of it vanished once our daughter had happily completed her first week. My husband and I would like to take the opportunity to applaud the efforts of Shilpa and her team and everyone who makes TLC such a wonderful place for children. We look forward to seeing Avika’s transition from “Person to Personality” under the expert care, guidance and support of your institution. If our expectations are high, it is only because you have such a strong track record of exceeding them! More power to you all and best of luck.

Mr. and Mrs. Apte - Pune