Mr. and Mrs. Apte

Within a week of my daughter’s joining the centre, we saw here settle into the atmosphere quite effortlessly. It gives us great pleasure and comfort to see her start such a promising new chapter in her life in such a stimulating environment. I will be frank – Avika has had two previous experiences with daycare and play homes before this, and we were quite disillusioned with the quality of teaching and learning and removed her from those places within a month on each occasion. We were reluctant to give it another attempt, but we really were third time lucky – our fears were dispelled as soon as we visited the impressive facility and met Shilpa’s team, and any lingering traces of it vanished once our daughter had happily completed her first week. My husband and I would like to take the opportunity to applaud the efforts of Shilpa and her team and everyone who makes TLC such a wonderful place for children. We look forward to seeing Avika’s transition from “Person to Personality” under the expert care, guidance and support of your institution. If our expectations are high, it is only because you have such a strong track record of exceeding them! More power to you all and best of luck.

  • March 18, 2013

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