Nursery children interact more and more with their peers, they practice their Language and Social skills through make-believe games for which they have ample time. They learn to play table games such as puzzles, board games and are introduced to the concept of taking turns and sharing. As in Playgroup Language Development, Maths, Letter and phonics, Music and Movement and Physical Experience make an integral part of the curriculum for Nursery.


Language Development

Main emphasis of Theme/Story is Language development and is linked to the world around us and self to the social environment. Science focuses on the learning of earth and its environment. Numerous stories, rhymes, songs, and dramatic play based on themes will enhance your childs learning. Some of the concepts that they will learn in the year are People around us, Animals, Bugs, Seasons, Transport, and Values etc.


Maths is reinforced by number-recognition toys and games. Children continue to enhance their learning with literature that builds math concepts. For instance they read books like A Pair of Socks to recognize the concept of same and different followed with an activity to make a pair of a tray of mixed up socks. This activity helps them learn as well as have load of fun. Experiences like this as well for math manipulative are built-in wherever possible. All this helps integrate children’s learning. Children continue to do finger rhymes so they understand the numbers recognise them and can enjoy their journey into the numbers world. They will learn to rote count till 20, and count 10 /15 objects learn shapes, colours , same different, tall short, patterns, before and after and many more concepts.




Letterland Phonics

For Letterland, two more facets are added to the pictograms which form the heart of the Letterland system – handwriting and listening skills. Correct letter formations are introduced in memorable ways through songs and rhymes and children are equipped with a repertoire of words beginning with the different letter sounds.

Active Learning

In Active Learning and Free Expressions they are exposed to Art materials (clay, crayons, markers, paints, collage materials) a creative favourite of most children in this age group. Our teachers will encourage them to express themselves through drawings and art and craft activities, as a precursor to writing.



Music And Movement

Music and Movement is an essential part of the curriculum which includes finger rhymes, chants, songs and even playing musical instruments. Our Music and Movement curriculum will help children learn and gain gradual mastery in the musical elements through the movements and songs.

Key Physical Experiences

Development of Physical development is very important and our curriculum ensures that children develop their body kinaesthetic (MI) and visual spatial (MI) intelligences. We have time for outdoor play (at places where we do not have outdoor gardens we have endeavoured to provide indoor area with play equipment) which includes sliders, swings, climbers. We also do stretches and cool down exercises in a fun way with children. Children will also learn to play games together inn Nursery.

Individual attention in a small class setting, independent and creative learning through hands-on experiences are some of the main features of the program.




Active Learning Experiences

Active Learning Experiences like Creative Art & Craft which helps enhance emotional development, imagination and fine motor skills, allowing children to experiment with various art media and material of different textures, colours, patterns. Our teachers will encourage them to express themselves through drawings and art and craft activities as well take up activities that will be a precursor to writing.