Onsite / Nearsite

The Learning Curve offers a standard quality corporate on-site child day care service that will help setup and run this facility for employees within the premises. Offering your employees childcare on-site eliminates a major distraction for working parents. The corporate on-site child care is a facility setup for the children of the employees within your premises.

Setup And Operations

The Learning Curve will work with your corporate team closely to assess the site, consult on the options that are possible, and lead that project on your behalf. The actual estimation of the cost would be provided after the inspection of the site.

The cost of setting up a basic on-site daycare facility ranges at Rs. 7.50 lakhs approx. for 1100 Sq.ft This cost would need to be borne by the corporate. The amount may vary depending upon the site and this could be determined by inspection of the site and the area.

The Learning Curve would take the onus of managing the complete setup and operations in the corporate on-site child day care service.



The Learning Curve’s on-site child care holidays and timing would be matched with the corporate holidays.




  • Accessibility to the employees.
  • The cost can be controlled based on the utilization of daycare facility.
  • Corporate has the access and control to the quality of the center.
  • Holidays and Weekly offs mapped to the corporate.