Learning Curve

At the Learning Curve we want your childs preschool years to be the best. The first social interactions of a child outside the security and comfort of a home setting happens at preschool. It is at the preschool the child makes a first entry into the learning world. A preschool for your young one needs to be selected with care.

The Learning Curve offers PLAYGROUP, NURSERY AND DAY CARE facilities with world class curriculum, well trained and passionate teachers, top of the line learning infrastructure, balanced meals planned by a nutritionist and the convenience of being able to see your child live in the classroom.

To learn children need to experience and enjoy a whole range of activities in a nurturing, safe and secure environment and this is what we aim to provide at The Learning Curve.  We have a well-researched and a customized curriculum designed by leading educationists from Singapore with over two decade of experience. The curriculum has been fine-tuned over several years to make it age appropriate and ensuring it provides just the right impetus for the right kind of development of the children in their growing years.

At ˜The Learning Curve we believe that each child is unique and develops at his/her own pace. We visualise a childs early development as a series of foundation stones and building blocks. Therefore these need to be put in place, step by step, in order to ensure that each child achieves his/her own potential.

Developing Curious little minds