Elite Access

The Learning Curve offers an Elite access to the Corporates. If you want to be classified as a Elite Access corporate all you need to do is to reserve seats across the Learning Curve centers. This facility means a part of the fee will be borne by the corporate and the remaining will be borne by their employees for the reserved seats. This would also ensure that your employees will get access to our Learning curve center services even if we are closed to admissions for outsiders.

Reserving The Seats

The Elite Access Child Care service needs the seats to be blocked for the admissions. You are required to reserve the seats across the Learning Curve Centers, by paying the admission fee and monthly daycare fee for a required number of seats. You can choose the number of seats as a block of seats across centers or selected centers where your employees are present.

Choosing A Convenient Center

The Learning Curve s are spread, across geographies in major parts of the 6 cities. The Elite Access child care service offers a flexible facility to the corporate employees to choose a nearest and convenient center for the admission of their children.


  • Implemented with immediate effect
  • No CAPEX obligations on corporate