Parenting during Coronavirus

The Ultimate Guide for Safe Parenting during Coronavirus

With a wave of school closure to prevent outbreak of Coronavirus it is extremely difficult to explain to our children about the pandemic without scaring them, multitask and match the pace of work-life, and engaging our little ones in a well-planned schedule while social distancing them from their friends is even more tedious task. We know how much you care and will take all

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Toddler Tantrum is a Cakewalk

Ever wondered why you don’t get attracted to that ‘red’ colour balloon anymore, why those soap bubbles being blown by the friendly vendor don’t excite you? Why don’t you feel an urge to start jumping when your favourite advertisement appears on the TV, ever felt the attraction towards that all-time strawberry ice cream cup diminish? The impulse and events that excited you once (not

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Give your child The Right Start by choosing The Right Preschool

Are you excited that your little bundle of joy will take her first step towards the magical world of learning? Are you equally nervous about finding the Right Preschool and give her The Right Start? Don’t worry we have a checklist which you should consider for choosing The Right Preschool for your child. What is Preschool? Preschool also known as Playschool, Nursery school or

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Home Work does not nurture Learning & Creativity

What you enjoyed more during childhood: an engaging project which made you feel independent, enhanced your skill sets and also made learning fun or a mandatory homework which involved a lot of handwriting drills and needed parents’ supervision as well as developed school phobia? Haven’t you wished that homework never existed because you were just not enjoying the pressure and parameters set to make

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lactose intolerance

Lactose intolerance in Infants and children

Do you feel that your child always finds a way to escape a glass of milk? Does he/she complain about stomach discomfort and you feel it’s just an excuse? Then he/she is not alone. About 60 % of the world’s population is unable to process lactose from animal milk and he/she might really be lactose intolerant and having issues in digesting ‘The complete food’

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Health Benefits of Milk for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Time and again mothers hear about the importance of Breastfeeding their babies as it has optimal nutritional benefit for both physical and mental development of their little ones. It’s a part and parcel of growing up that our small wonders surprise us by refusing to eat the perfect meal plan instead indulge in junk food. As a part of routine struggles, most mothers daydream

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Ramleela ‘the soul of Dussehra celebrations’

  Do you yearn for celebrating Dussehra and watching Ramleela an epic show which was staged across cities at various vantage points? In Mumbai, Ramleela is held at Chowpatty while in Delhi it is staged at Lal Kila. The last day which marked the burning of the evil king Ravana was the highlight where 1 arrow of Ram set the effigy of Ravana in

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Aksharabhyasam Prewriting skill


Aksharabhyasam is a Sanskrit word. The word Akshara means ‘letters / alphabets’ and Abhyasam means ‘practice’. Aksharabhyasam means “the study of practical letters”. Aksharabhyasam is a traditional religious ceremony in which the child is given initiation of Education. It involves worship of Goddess Saraswati. Aksharabhyasam includes pre-writing skill which is initiated when the child is as young as 2 years old. It is not

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Tales of Panchatantra

Just like the West has its Aesop’s fables and Mother Goose ..India has Panchatantra tales. We all remember reading Panchatantra ki kahaniyain …they were bought out by Pustak Mahal. Today in the world of Bubbles we seem to have forgotten the power of Panchatantra. The months of September and October take us to celebrate a lot of festivals Ganesh Utsav, Onam, Dusshera and we

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Movie Time

People always preach, “Start reading early to your baby to incorporate good reading habits”. Have you ever heard someone recommending watching a movie with your child to make her understand what kind of content she should curate? Books are the primary source of food for brain but movies can be educational and informative too. It is imperative to draw a line for screen exposure

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