Top tips to help you select the best playschool for your child

You may not realize it but playschools have more positive impact on your tiny tots than you may think. It has, in fact, been scientifically proven that an interactive environment in a playschool can help your children later in life as they are better equipped to take on life’s challenges. They are also academically more capable to score well. However, this does not entitle you to enrol your child in any playschool that you come across. There are several factors that you need to consider before you make that decision. Selecting a playschool in Pune may seem like a daunting task; however, if you carefully follow these guidelines given below, you will find the entire playschool hunting process much easier and enjoyable.

1.) Ensure that the playschool focuses on basic education as well:

Although the name ‘playschool’ is self explanatory, a good playschool will never restrict themselves to just involving the children in playing activities. A playschool is essentially an environment that provides all round development of a child belonging to a particular age group and therefore, while a playschool focuses on developing their interactive skills, it should also provide basic education like teaching alphabets and numbers. This will instil a sense of confidence in the children and help them in their kindergarten years to grasp all the information far more quickly. Doing this helps children grasp things faster and therefore, keeping pace with the pressures of kindergarten becomes a joy.

The best way to ensure that your child gets the best of a playschool is by communicating with the teachers and learning more about the daily schedule of your child. You should ask them about the inclusion of alphabets and numbers in their learning programme. Usually, playschools focus and visuals and therefore, you must look for charts that have such alphabets, numbers, colours, shapes and the likes. They should also include time of the day, reading a clock, maps and other such activities in their learning schedule as it immensely helps to exercise a child’s brain.

2.) Learn more about the playing time:

Needless to say, a playschool in Pune will also focus on the playing habits of a child to make him more active. However, while it is important for a child to be physically fit, it is also equally important to be in top form mentally as well. Therefore, it is important to include sufficient educational games to exercise the brain as well. For instance, making the children learn the different shapes and colours manually can be exhausting and can drain the child. Instead, the playschool must focus on incorporating this with the help of fun games like puzzles and memory games. Besides, role play and imaginative games are excellent for a child’s emotional development as they learn to behave in a given environment in a desirable way.

Outdoor games also form a very important part and therefore, these should be included in your child’s schedule as well. Ensure that the indoor space is ample and that your child will not feel asphyxiated due to limited spaces, which in turn will limit the activities of your child within the playschool room.

3.) There should be some amount of freedom given to the child as well:

While it is important that the teacher comes up with interesting activities for the children, it is also crucial that these children get to decide some activities that they may be more inclines towards and wish to take it up more often. Over the years, this attitude will help their decision making skills and shape them into independent human beings.


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