A Rainy Day at The Learning Curve

Image : Indrayani nagar rainy day display

Ah! It’s the much-awaited monsoon season. Grown-ups have their own reasons for desperately waiting for the first showers of rain. We know the science, we love the climate, we smell the mud and we feel the weather. We know it all!

Children, on the other hand, do not understand the complexity of this change in weather. Here’s what every child thinks about rains; water is pouring from the sky, if it rains too much, the school is going to give me a holiday and if I go out to play in the mud my mother will scold me! Isn’t it too simple for them?

While you adore your child’s innocence, you also need to remember that giving your child’s thought process a direction is as important as keeping their innocence intact. Clarity of concepts is of utmost importance during the development of a child’s intelligence. Defining them, providing examples and narrating  stories helps them understand things better and recollect them later!

Image : Children enjoying Rainy day at TLC Vasai

Remember the good old times when rains meant stepping outside to play in the puddles, enjoying hot roasted corn cobs, trying to spot the rainbow and competing with your friends in a paper boat race? Times were simpler back then, roads were empty and there were no smartphones to keep us chained inside. In the era of phones, laptops, and Play-stations how do you keep your child’s innocence intact?

Here’s where The Learning Curve steps in. We take minute details into consideration and plan our activities for the kids to enjoy. As nature blesses us with the first showers of rain and the kids are left in a state of pure conundrum, we celebrate Rainy Day at our centers to clear the concept of rains!

There are a lot of activities conducted for the kids to teach them why does it rain, why does the water pour from the sky, the colour change in the sky, etc. They paint clouds, they have fun with cotton and water, they learn the water-cycle. In this entire process, they enjoy themselves along with learning some basic concepts about rains.

Image: Magic of rain @Tlc indrayani nagar

Isn’t this what we exactly expect from our kids? To have a whole lot of fun and to learn a thing or two in the process?! So by not going the conventional way with only rhymes and stories, we go a step further to make the learning process much more interesting!


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