Hear, Feel, Watch and Learn the Letterland way

Among the first things that kids are taught in a pre-school is alphabets. And while all kids will invariably learn all there is to learn about alphabets, the way they are taught the same will up (or reduce) their interest in learning. Let us give you below an example of how teaching alphabets can be made fun too!

letterlandLet’s imagine a classroom full of 3 year olds. The children are actively engaged in watching the teacher. She is dressed in a green hat and is hopping about the classroom. The children are curious as to what’s going on? Seeing the piqued interest she points to her hat and says Hat. I am Harry the Hat and I am Hopping around. They listen to her with rapt attention, and then join her in hopping all around.


What is Letter Land?

It primarily is a unique, phonics-based approach that is adopted to teach reading, writing and spelling to 3-8 year old. This concept uses simple yet fun stories to teach kids letters  by way of representing “Letter Land” characters, a complete range of phonics facts about them and so on. Letter Land is an interactive method to recognize the letters of the alphabet and know their sounds. To help you further understand how Letter Land works, we have broken the concept into its finer components below.
1.Letter Sounds

harry-hat-manThe moment you associate a sound (auditory learners) with a visual (visual learners), children begin to excel at recognizing letters. This is a fact that’s been proven by researchers. Having accepted this research and believing in it fully, we at The Learning Curve use a combination of visual & sound to teach alphabets to the children. For example, while teaching the letter “H’ we talk about the character – Harry Hat Man. How Harry Hat Man whispers “Huh” (resulting in the sound of H) and how “Huh” is used to pronounce words like Hen, Hay and so on. Further on, we show the children the character of Harry Hat Man and of Hen, Hay, etc. so they can visually relate the letter H to tangible objects. This helps kids grasp the letter H visually. Thus, after one lesson, the children are better positioned to associate sound and visual with each character/letter.

2.Letter Shapes

Let’s be honest! Children barely understand shapes. Give them a pen/paper and they will scribble some ineligible curves and lines that in their mind look just like “mumma’s writing”. Haha! Kids can be such funny copy cats. To teach them about the correct shape and form of a letter, the characters of Letter Land are visually shown to them and then they are asked to move their finger over the shape of the letter and practise the same on practise sheets. The combination of visual + practise learning ensures that children remember and retain the alphabets to the T!

3.Action Tricks


Children learn better when all their intelligence’s are involved. And some learn better through actions rather than when they are listening or watching others teach. This is where action tricks help! Acting out the shape of the word helps understand the pronunciation, shape of the letter and the beginning sound of the letter. For example, the kicking king loves to kick, so children do the kicking action which helps them understand the shape of the letter and thus remember it.


4.Word Building

Learning letters is not enough. Imagine if we knew all letters but didn’t know how to use them to make words or sentences! That would just be so wrong! As toddlers joining The Learning Curve, at our preschool is where most kids learn to speak full sentences, complete words (new and old ones) and improve their speech in general. To facilitate this overall language development in a superb way, we use a multitude of activities to teach kids. This includes use of flashcards (all those images & colours…so much fun!) or engages them in a group activity. This way they not only learn words/sentences/letters but also social interaction and how to behave in groups. Now that’s a win-win!

With the help of Letter Land, learning alphabets becomes fun!!! Kids learn by humming alphabet songs, using their finger to trace the letter, by watching puppets in action. To get them to practise writing the alphabet, they are made to do interesting work sheets and participate in story telling. This combination of methods, helps the kid remember and recall the letters better.

We, at The Learning Cgolden-girlurve, practise this teaching method, among others. In our experience, we have witnessed children coming alive, feeling excited in the class while learning alphabets. We have also noticed a direct correlation between kids learning letters in this combination method way and then going on to have a strong command over the la
nguage. And hence we tell all our kids & mothers – Hear, Feel, Watch & Learn – The Letter Land!



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