Yes, The Learning Curve has turned 7 years young!

The journey has been absolutely enthralling and our happiness knows no bounds. And we know that this wouldn’t be possible without the support of you, dear parents, and we are glad you all placed faith in us and joined us in our journey to realizing the dream of quality & excellent children education.

7 year’s worth of experiences has made us grow leaps and bounds. The Learning Curve chain of preschools is currently one of the fastest growing schools in India. Armed with our motto of #LearnGrowExcel, we strive to provide every child that enters through our doors with the best form of education; one that empowers them to grow intellectually, emotionally, physically and one that enhances their personality.

So, why is The Learning Curve the best preschool for your child?

The first few years of your child have the greatest impact on their development. And Learning Curve’s curriculum is designed in such a way that your child is introduced to new concepts and ideas in an engaging manner. We follow a curriculum specially designed by educationalists from Singapore so that your child benefits from teaching methodologies that are world-class. The curriculum focuses on multiple intelligence based on Dr.Howard Gartner’s model. And these concepts are taught to children by teachers who trained under special guidance which empowers them to teach better. And teachers undergo special training programmes regularly to stay updated with new techniques and skills.

Moreover, children learn in a safe and hygienic environment as we really take safety and hygiene as a top priority. Even the food served at the Learning Curve is carefully prepared from a menu curated by a Nutritionist. And when you’re really concerned about your child’s safety, you can view your child’s activities live through the live streaming service from our website. All of this assures you that your child is safe with us and is having a time of his/her life learning and having fun!

Still wondering how? Let the pictures do the rest of the talking!













We believe in concept learning along with text-based learning. Since children learn visually a lot better, we take them on field trips to the supermarket, fire station and more. Such instances help children grab hold of information that can be utilised in real life in the future.

We engage in role playing activities and even bring in professionals to share with children their knowledge and skills about a particular field, art or craft.


Games and activities like these make sure your child is intellectually involved in experiential activities, and engages in meaningful interactions which plays a key and crucial role in their development.


At the Learning Curve, we celebrate every festival to help every child enjoy and understand the diverse festivals and cultures of India.

The Learning Curve aims to provide every child with an education experience that’s unique, meaningful and fun. If you’re out to find the best preschool for your child, come over to any centre of Learning Curve, explore the area, speak with our teachers and get to know us better.



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