Vacationing With Your Child

The onset of summer’s means – exams are done with and vacations in school are on! And for kids, vacations means eating, sleeping, playing and going on holiday with the family!

Family trips are fun, make for great memories and are an ideal way to bond. While the prospect of travelling with kids is challenging, let the same in no way haunt or bother you. All you need to do is take care of the basics, and the whole travel experience with kids will surely be a fun and enjoyable one.

What basics you ask? Well, we have listed them below for you. Take a look.

1) Medication:

When packing for the holidays, give medicines & first aid kits priority. From common cold to flu, from diarrhoea to fever, pack medicines for generic illnesses as well as those illnesses your child is prone to.

2) Games/Rhymes:

Making children sit in one place for a long time – sounds near impossible and tedious, no? As children have enthusiasm levels that are too tough to beat, making them sit idle for a long journey may not be feasible. This is where your nifty little phone can come into play. Feed your phone with rhymes, games and puzzles to keep them engaged. Healthy games will keep all the weariness at bay.

3) Engage:

These family trips are the best time to engage with your child. As your child gets to explore new terrains and territories, he/she will only be happy to feed his/her curiosity. You can learn more about your child and your child about you when you’ll are together on these vacations. Isn’t that just a wonderful reason to go on holidays together and often!

4) Keep it simple:

Shed the excess, travel light. Don’t pack unnecessary things. Pack light and also, keep the itinerary simple. Don’t overcomplicate things. A short and sweet itinerary will leave the children (and you) feeling happy and great at the end of the day, not tired and dreary!

5) Halts and breaks:

If you’re out on a drive, take breaks at appropriate times. A little stretch and a twist is healthy, for the mind and for the body. If you’re at the airport, take a stroll. These halts and breaks will keep the level of enthusiasm at an all-time high!

Vacations are fun times. Plan it well and you’ll have the time of your life with your child. These memorable moments can be cherished for life, so make sure you help your child enjoy to the core. Happy vacations!

Swati Bhatt


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