The Bond Of Siblings

A relationship between siblings is one of contradictions. All those fights for the TV remote and the last cookie are balanced out by fun play times and family outings.

When it comes to sibling relations when both are very young, it falls on the parents to play peacemaker, act as the bridge between the siblings. Parents must ensure that feelings of competition, jealousy aren’t allowed to foster between siblings; a sense of balance & togetherness must be sought that eventually results in better relationships and a healthier bond. With Rakshabandhan around the corner, here’s what you, as a parent can do to bring your children together:

 1) Play Together:

There can be difference in opinions when it comes to playing together. He might want to play a shopkeeper and she an astronaut – why not be creative and play a game that involves a shop on the moon! Likewise, you can play family games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Uno and so on that bring everyone together and on common ground. It’s our belief that a shared activity always helps create a bond that’s worth reckoning with.

2) Don’t Interrupt Happy Play:

As the saying goes, “Do not wake up a sleeping baby” and the same logic applies here.  So when siblings are playing together well, don’t take it for granted. Support them in whatever they need to keep playing, and don’t interrupt unless it’s absolutely necessary.

3) Laugh:

Sing. Dance. Make funny faces. Laugh! Spread laughter together. A laugh together helps maintain the stability of a sibling bond. Include your children in various laughter-inducing activities regularly.

4) Nurture Each Other:

When one child gets hurt, check whether the siblings step in for help. Make sure one is actively involved in nurturing the other in need. Ask them to get band-aids, ice-packs etc. Make them your medical assistant. Strengthen the bond by getting them to help each other.

5) Involve:

Engage the siblings in day-to-day family events. Decorating the room for a birthday party, cleaning the table after dinner, planning a family outing – all these activities make sure siblings are actively involved in the family & in each other’s life. Help them understand that their participation is imperative and that it must happen, no matter what.

This Rakhshabandhan, help your children get together and share happiness and feel the love for each other and for the family. The Learning Curve wishes you all a very happy Rakshabandhan!


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