Readying Your Child For Preschool

Enrolling your child in a preschool is a big transition, not just for the child but for the parent as well. A change from all play, no work to suddenly following a routine may prove to be tedious for the kid. And parents, too, may get paranoid with the anxiety of separation, if they are not prepared for this major step.

There’s a lot you can do to ready your child (and you) for preschool. Starting prep-work weeks before the big day, you can work towards creating an environment at home that’d set the tone right for the change. Here are some ideas to help you out:

1) Role play:

Here you take turns t

o play teacher, child and parent. Act out daily routines together – wishing good morning and good night, singing songs, reading stories, playing outside etc. Reassure your child that preschool is a great place to be at where he/she will enjoy, learn and have fun at the same time. Roleplaying preschool scenarios will help kids ease into the idea of going to a preschool; and this in-turn will eventually help them ease into the school without much anxiety.

2) Include Preschool Tales in Story-Time:

Tweak bedtime stories to something relate

d to preschools. Children love to hear stories and they inadvertently imagine themselves in one. Hence crafting scenarios where your child is in a preschool and having so much fun will set the tone just right and will make the eagerly look forward to preschool time.

3) Independence:

Turn their everyday routine into something that’d inspire confidence in them. Daily activities like unzipping their raincoat all by themselves, putting away their toys, tying their shoe-laces or fastening their sandals will encourage independence in them. Thus, at school, they’ll be more comfortable to work things out by themselves.

4) Familiarize:

Take your child to the preschool (before it starts) to familiarise him/her with the school itself. Meet the staff, take a tour of the preschool, hit the playgrounds – all before your child starts with the program. These visits will increase your child’s comfort with and confidence in this new setting.

Preschools are the first step in your child’s academia. We, at The Learning Curve, make sure your child feels like at home, away from home. With scientific and expert-backed learning techniques mixed with ample fun, we make sure your child gets the best of both worlds. Our motto is to ensure that your child Learns, Grows & Excels and that’s exactly what we endeavour to do.


Swati Bhatt


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