Learning does not have to be boring!

“Personally, I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught” – Winston Churchill
When do children learn?
That’s a key question that every teacher/parent must ask themselves frequently and find answers to. At the Learning Curve we believe children learn when their curiosity is invoked. Curiosity is the reason children explore, and that exploration leads to education. And a sure shot way of generating this curiosity is to ensure that children have fun when studying! Turning lectures into stories, indulging in two way teaching techniques rather that one way monologues is definitely the way to go!
So how does one go about making learning fun & ensuring it’s no bore? Find out below

 learning can be fun1

Learning does not have to a Chore:
Why shouldn’t the process of taking in new information, practising it, applying it and retaining it be enjoyable? For example, A for Apple, B for Ball though informative can get boring. Thus, at The Learning Curve, use Letterland to teach kids about alphabets, the sounds they make, and the letters they are used in and so on. Our teachers dress up as Letterland characters and introduce the kids to the letter, its shape & its use. This interactive way of teaching ensures that kids enjoy learning letters and that they understand their correct application as well.

learning can be fun

Fun, pleasure, excitement — call it what you will, an essential ingredient in any learning activity is engagement. Once kids are engaged in the activity at hand, they will enjoy it and learn from it. To ensure kids get engaged, a healthy interaction between the teachers and the kids is essential. Like when teachers dress up as specific characters in a poetry/story or when they indulge in role-playing – such activities surely help capture the attention of toddlers. And in the battle of engagement, capturing their attention itself is a job half done!

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn” – Ignacio Estrada

Adding a twist to the way of teaching will surely make the class fun! For example, when telling stories, incorporating mysteries into the story line and thus generating curiosity helps keep the kids interested and how! An important point to bear in mind is that when kids are comfortable with teachers, they tend to learn more.

Therefore, trust us when we say that learning does not have to be boring at all!


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