Learn From Your Child

Parents play multiple roles in the life of a child, one being that of a teacher. No matter what kids learn in school, valuable life lessons, morals, values are instilled in them and taught to them by parents. No school, college, or institution can teach a child life lessons as taught by parents.

But do you know, our children can be our teachers in some circumstances, too? If you look at your child’s life, there are a couple of lessons that can be learnt from them. It’s not that they’re young and everything they do is just plain old kiddish, there are certain things when observed properly, that can teach you about how life has to be lived.

1) Letting things go:

Siblings fight, and they fight a lot, in most cases. Their emotions go from 0 to 100 in a split second! Suddenly you’ll see toys flying out of the room, a lot of shouting and things like “I don’t want to play with you ever again!” said with deep conviction. But within half an hour or so, you’ll find them being best friends again. No anger, no shouting, no resentment, no grudges. In their own way, they teach us to let go of the past and live in the present. If you ever have had a big argument with your sibling or friend or partner, learn from your child, and forgive and forget!

2) A sense of wonder:

If you could see the world through your child’s eyes, you’d be amazed to see a magical wonderful place! Children seem to enjoy the best of things. They appreciate small things, they don’t rush around worrying and every little thing seems to excite them. So, when was the last time you took a moment out of your life to stop and smell those beautiful flowers? Don’t let the responsibilities of adult life and work get to you. Learn to enjoy what you have! Spend some time with your children daily and find pleasure in every little thing.

3) Ask:

Children have the ability to ask anything about everything. They have the ability to come up with questions which we adults wouldn’t have even thought of. As we grow up, we stop questioning because we don’t want to appear lacking in knowledge. However, learning never stops. Ask questions and seek answers at every step of the way. Remember, the biggest discoveries were done by adults who never stopped asking why?!

4) Live like theres no tomorrow:

Every day, kids are up and ready to enjoy the day like, literally, there’s no tomorrow. When a child is having fun, nothing else exists. They live in the moment, like it’s now or nothing. And they seem to understand something that we adults have forgotten; that the present is the one that counts and each day is a gift waiting to be discovered.

5) Creativity:

When was the last time you tried something new? Are you afraid of other people’s opinion of doing things differently? Children are not! They love to take risks and are never afraid to try something new. They do not worry about looking foolish or different. Be like them and start exploring new options. Your creativity will thrive and you’ll have more and better ideas.

Take some time out of your busy schedules and learn from your child to live in the moment. Children are the happiest beings on earth, and you can definitely learn from them to be happy too!

Swati Bhatt


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