Let your kids be smart without a smartphone!

Smartphones – A technologically blessed device which was made to bridge distance between people, make communication easier and help urgent work done with just a click. Primarily, a device meant for adults. However, with some twist of fate, this “smart” device has found comfort in the hands of a much “smaller” audience..kids!


We all know that kids learn by aping adults.. And having smartphone swinging adults as people to look up to has left our kids with an urge to swing one themselves! So don’t be surprised if they know howto swipe the screen, tap the buttons and open apps, as they have learned it all by observing the seniors in the house. Blame the hectic life of today or the innate need today’s individuals have to excel at it all, it is not uncommon for adults to seek quick-fix solutions when it comes to kids. Therefore, whether one needs to teach the kid a rhyme or get the 2-year-old to finish his/her food, one resorts to the common solution -handing them a smartphone.


On these smartphones, kids are hooked onto videos, songs, images..any form of data that throws multiple images, colours and sounds at them and engages their senses. In the short run, the goal (no matter what it is) is achieved; in the long run this can lead to complications like ADD, ADHD, among others.

While it is an unavoidable fact that the kids of this generation are tech-loving and are familiar with advanced devices around them, we need to wake up to the fact that exposure to technology at an early age is going to hinder the child development process.

Science recommends that smartphones (tablets, PCs, laptops, even) are kept away from toddlers to prevent side effects from radiation, damage to sensory skills, etc. Besides the obvious physical damage, one must also consider the fact that it interferes with the kids mental thought process.

Think about it, when kids can be exploring outdoors, harbouring creativity and enjoying their playtime, they are enjoying something virtual that holds close to no real meaning.


Therefore, the endeavour at The Learning Curve is to make kids smart without smartphones!
And as we strive to achieve this, we surely hope that parents will co-operate and follow suit.


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