Keep your Kids Busy, At All Times!

Children look forward to vacations because that’s when they can actually get a break from studies and their rigorous school schedule. With loads of free time in-hand, they are free to do anything (well, almost) they’d like. Wake up later than usual, play all day, watch movies, spend additional time with grandparents – the list is endless!

Having said that, the kids maybe on a break, but the parents are not. Adults have their daily tasks, jobs, routine to attend to no matter the season. However, with the kids free, it becomes the priority of parents to entertain them, take them out, engage them in some way or the other.

Now, it’s not uncommon for parents to draw a blank when it comes what can be done to keep the kids entertained and engaged. So, we have listed below a couple of ideas which, you, as a parent can definitely try out.

1) After Work:
In cases where both the parents are working, during vacations, one alternate days, one parent can come home early to spend some quality time with the kids. While a babysitter is a good fill-in, they cannot really replace the love, fun and affection provided by parents. So, come home early and engage them – play a board game, cook dinner, go to the garden with them, take a class together, get as creative as possible. Trust me, they’ll love every bit of the activity and time spent together.

2) Keep them Busy:
Vacations are the perfect time to enroll your child in unusual and interesting extracurricular activities. Examples of such include, personality development, drama, dance, baking just to name a few. In fact, you can go beyond classes and enroll your kids in special summer camps where your child can enjoy, learn and explore new activities.

3) Extra Special Weekends:
Plan for something special for the weekends. As that’s when not only your child is at home, but so are you. From long drives, to going out to dhabas for lunch/dinner, to every planning a stay-cation – the possibilities that extra special weekends throw up are endless. Sometimes a fun day picnic at home with calling their friends over for a play date.

Vacations are the times where children are over-active and eager to have blast! So make the best use of this time, spend time together, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Swati Bhatt


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