Igniting Imagination

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein

Whenever your child comes up to you with his/her drawing and says, “Look ma! I made a house”, wouldn’t you be happy to see your child’s creativity? Yes, definitely you would be! Those moments when your child displays his/her creative side and you appreciate it, is something your child will cherish for life!


Creativity is not an innate talent. It is more of a skill which your child develops through certain activities. Just as all children are not equally intelligent, all children aren’t equally creative either. Creativity is something which is cultivated over a period of time
So some might wonder what the big deal is if his/her child is not creative enough? The deal is creativity is the key to happiness and success. Creative kids are better at problem-solving and situation handling. They can adapt to situations easily and also take advantages of new opportunities. Creativity enables you to put your thoughts into perspective. The common error that all parents make is that when they think of “creativity” they only think of drawing and music and similar. But creativity is a component of science, maths and even emotional intelligence!

Unfortunately, today, we live in a world where everything is spoon-fed. This trend has vastly affected growth during the years of childhood and has in-turn impaired creative development. Kids aren’t able to find that spark to ignite their imagination. Why? Because everything that surrounds them – toys, games, TV shows etc already have a plot-line or a story that only calls to adherence and does not allow for thinking beyond what is “norm”. In short, everything has become a “no-brainer”.
So what can be done to foster a child’s creativity? Let’s see!

1) Provide Resources:
The resources we speak of here are time and space. Your child needs time to bring out his/her creativity and we talk about space because creativity can be messy at times. Give them their resources and let the magic happen.
2) Creative Atmosphere:
Create situations at home which enhance your child’s creativity. When you need an opinion on something, include your child’s input too. Let them put on their thinking caps and come up with solutions. At times, let your child fail in activities – yes, fail! Because, the best way a child can learn is from their own mistakes. Also, sharing your own experiences with your children will help them prepare for similar situations. And make sure you laugh at your mistakes because it helps to keep the optimism high!
3) Don’t be Bossy:
Your child needs freedom. This sense of freedom lets your child’s mind wander and come up with ideas. Also, not bossing your child around makes them feel a sense of responsibility towards themselves. Encouraging them to follow their path of imagination is also a great self-esteem booster.
4) Encourage and Guide:
Instead of letting your child spend hours and hours in front of the ‘idiot box’, persuade them to take up art and music. Limiting this screen time opens up time and mind space for more fulfilling activities like drawing, dancing etc.
5) Incentives Interfere with Creativity:
Yes! When you reward your child with some incentive for doing something good, their mentality adapts to the fact that if they continue to work in the same manner they’ll get rewarded again! Incentives provide them with the wrong form of motivation and reduce their quality of response and flexibility of the thought.
Creativity is just as important as literacy. Developing your child’s creativity leads to innumerable results. It is like finding the hidden treasure and we, at The Learning Curve encourage our kids to participate in activities which give life to their imagination! A creative mind is an artist’s brush. The results are always pretty!


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