Keep Them Away From Harm

If you could measure love, how much, would you say, you love your children?

Infinite, right?

Needless to say, children are the apple of our eyes, and we would go to any lengths to ensure their safety. And creating an environment that ensures their safety – physically, emotionally, and mentally, is a definitive way of expressing our love for our children.

Home — a place where children grow and learn. And kids being the curious explorers they are, they go about touching, feeling, throwing even, things around them. And when on such an “exploration trip”, there’s a high chance of them getting hurt. To avoid any massive mishaps it is imperative to keep children away from harm’s way and here’s how that can be done.

Scrapes and Bruises:

Toddlers are a full of energy and curiosity. It is wise to let them explore, learn and have fun. And while they are doing so, bumps, bruises, scrapes and scratches are bound to happen. How does one deal with these? With a first aid kit, of course! A band-aid in your wallet, an anti-septic in your purse. Simple and easy solutions is the key!

Sharp/Poisonous Things:

Now, it is physically impossible for an adult to always keep an eye on a child. At the same time, the best possible should be doneto ensure that dangerous things, which can hurt the child, are kept out of their reach. For example, batteries, sharp objects like scissors and blades should be kept in places where children can’t reach out them. Detergents and deodorants are potentially poisonous if ingested, hence they should be kept in closed cabinets that kids cannot access.Following simple yet sensible hacks can help keep children out of harm’s way.


We all know just how much kids love splashing around in water during playtime or bathtime. And while we must let them explore water, we need ensure their safety. Drowning and/or scalding accidents aren’t uncommon and one needs to be careful.




“Play with fire and you’ll feel the burn” is not just a quote, but a reality that shouldn’t be forgotten. Fire is deadly and potentially hazardous; make sure you never let your child near open flames as they will burn or scald themselves. Additionally, switchboards and other electric outlets should always be covered and inaccessible to kids and electrical items like iron and water heater rods should be kept away from them.

 Choking Hazards:

Kids love toys! Parents love buying toys for their children! Never let your child play with toys that have one too many small parts and/or sharp objects. Kids have the habit of putting things into their mouths and thus, they should only be given toys that are safe for them.

On a parting note, we’d just like to say this, don’t let the above list scare you. That isn’t the intention at all. Always, allow children to continue being curious creatures, let them explore and give them freedom to fly. At the same time, remember it’s our job to make sure that kids stay safe and are not in harm’s way!




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