Hacks To Get Your Kids Eating Veggies

Eat your vegetables – say this to kids, and they are sure to run off!

Now, vegetables may not inherently appear attractive or pleasing but there’s no arguing the fact that their nutritious value plays a key role in a child’s growth & development. A vegetable-inclusive diet can boost his/her immunity and provide him/her with anti-oxidants, thereby increasing his/her bone and health development.

With all these advantages, a veggie diet is a definite must for your child.

To help you get your child to eat these all important veggies, here are some hacks you can try to get your child to love vegetables.

1) Cartoons:

The 90’s kids loved to eat spinach because they thought it provided them with instant energy (thanks, Popeye!). The fact that their favourite cartoon character is eating veggies to get stronger, convinced children that they ought to eat their greens too. Therefore, showing your children cartoons, videos where vegetables are “heroes” is a good and smart way to get them to eat their veggies.

2) Colour of Food:

Many children are put off by the colour of their food. Therefore, you need to be sneaky & try harmless deceptive techniques. Hide veggies inside fillings – like wrap them in a roti, or put them between two breads and feed them a healthy vegetable sandwich! Making food attractive will convince your kids to eat the same without them throwing any tantrums.

3) Creativity:

A sandwich train, or a spinach plane; the possibilities are endless. You just need to be creative to feed your child. “Here comes the choo-choo train” and find your child opening his/her mouth wide for a dose of those veggies. Indulge in a bit of play if that’s what it takes to get your child to eat the vegetables.

4) Best for Last:

The desserts post-dinner can be the motivation for children to have their vegetables. Don’t let them jump to desserts straight away; make a rule where they can only it once they have eaten all the veggies.

Vegetables are a nutritious element of everyone’s meal which no one can afford to miss. Fruits are easier to eat because of their natural sweetness, but vegetables – not so much. It takes some creativity to get veggies into your child’s diet regularly.  But healthy eating habits contribute to better nutrition and positive relationships with food – so cheers to healthy eating!

Swati Bhatt


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