The Five Fundamental C’s that children possess

Preschool, as the name suggests, is a safe haven for toddlers to develop their skills and to learn to socialise with people and their surroundings. Since kids today are practically born smarter than they were twenty-thirty years ago, starting them young is wise and necessary.

To make a generic statement, every child is born with an unique potential. And this potential/skill can be harnessed/honed at an early stage in the right preschool. It is our belief at the Learning Curve that a preschool helps nurture the child in a way that ensures that their path to a good schooling life is carved.

At The Learning Curve we believe there are five C’s of wisdom that children possess – Creativity, Confidence, Curiosity, Clever, Co-operative nature. And that every child is born with these. Every child’s potential depends on how these 5 C’s are honed. As per our belief, we ensure that every kid is attended to in such a way that these 5 C’s are developed and well groomed.

Lets us show you how these 5 C’s actually help develop a toddler’s personality :

clever-child Creativity: Every child is creative in his/her own way. Kids like to express themselves. They do it by the means of singing, dancing or by using crayons, paints. We, at The Learning Curve, have a timetable that includes such activities in our curriculum. We have music and movement classes which include finger rhymes, chants, songs and even playing a musical instrument. This helps in gaining gradual mastery in musical elements.creative-child

Confidence: Confidence is the key to how a child tackles situations. These situations may vary from small fights to the first time they actually have to share a toy. The Learning Curve intercepts such situations by conducting confidence-inducing activities. Activities include interaction with one another, giving genuine compliments etc. Basics like teaching them good manners also helps induce self-confidence in a child. Your child’s first social interactions take place outside the security and comfort of home. So, we work hard to make sure the preschool experience creates confident and curious young learners.

Curiosity: Children are curious creatures! They explore, question, and wonder, and by doing so, learn. From the moment of birth, humans are drawn to new things. When we are curious about something new, we want to explore it. If a child stays curious, he will continue to explore and discover. Environmental science is taught at the Learning Curve in a manner that indulges a child’s natural curiosity about the world around them.

curious-childClever: Clever kids grow up to be smart and intelligent. They have this innate ability to introspect, question their activities and find a solution. Clever kids are responsive to activities which ignite their curiosity quotient.

Co-operative: Co-operation is necessary to maintain a social value in the group for an individual. It helps to develop community-based values and a nice attitude towards adults when socialising with them. At our centres, the teachers conduct many co-operative activities to bring the children together, to teach them to share, to speak with each other and conduct themselves well in a group.

All these 5 C’s are the epitome of what a child can be in the future. Developing these 5 C’s is among the primary motives of the teachings at The Learning Curve. Our curriculum and activities are designed for the comprehensive development of the child – physical, social, cognitive as well as emotional. By planning such activities, we help the child to develop into a well-rounded individual.


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