Fewer Toys = Greater Imaginative Skills

Every parent has been through this: Pass through a toy-shop and you will find your child dragging you into the shop, demanding a toy. Now, there’s no childhood without toys – kids love something to play with, and parents love toys because they keep their kids busy.

However, anything in abundance is not really good. If you find your child’s play area resembling a toy store, then you might want to realign things a bit. Studies have shown that children with an abundance of toys don’t really have the best of play times!

How is that even possible, you wonder?

The answer lies in the word imagination.

Fewer toys to play with means kids have to use their imagination and thinking capabilities to make playtime more fun. The more they are spoilt for choice, the more they’ll get used to “options” without experiencing fatigue or boredom. And honestly, boredom is good as it compels them to think out of the box!

Now you must be thinking how you can prod your child to stay more active with fewer toys in tow? Below, we break the tips & tricks, for just that.

  1. Urge them Think

Once your child has had enough of a particular toy, he or she will come running back to you. This is the time when you mustn’t indulge him/her. Ask them to head back to their toy zone and start playing once again. If they appear lost or disinterested, play them and show how it can be done differently. Once they see you getting involved and playing in a different manner, they will be encouraged to do the same.

  1. Don’t Give In To Demands

The next time your child demands a toy on passing a toy store, resist. Explain to him/her how he/she has enough toys at home to play with. And when you head back home, start playing with them to actively remind them how amazing their toys are.

  1. Toys Out of Everyday Items!

A child doesn’t know expensive from affordable, just like he/she doesn’t know branded from unbranded. Give them harmless household items to play with and see them use their imagination. Example of such toys would be – rolling pin which they use to roll their play dough, spoons (no forks) using which they can make a design, and so on!

  1. Go down & play in the open

And when they have exhausted their energies with all the above, ask them to go down and run around in the compound or society garden! Because there’s no playtime, as amazing, as outdoor playtime!

So there you have it! Easy, yet effective ways, to get your kids busy and to allow for their imagination skills to flourish with the same good ol’ toys!


Swati Bhatt


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