Encouraging Your Child To Eat Healthy

For every child, roadside or restaurant food will always be more favourable than home-cooked food. The extra effort restaurants put to make their food look good attracts kids easily, which makes home cooked or healthy food look meek.

Creating an environment where your kids can make healthy nutritional choices is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure the health of your child. Parents need to foster an environment where the whole family can develop a healthy relationship with food.

“Eww! That tastes bad”, “No, I won’t eat that because it does not look good”… these are the common terms every mother must have heard from her children. So, in order to make them eat healthy, every mother needs to put in some extra efforts, and resort to harmless yet effective tips & tricks.

We have listed below a few of these. Read on.

1) Keep Healthy Food Handy:

Children eat what’s available. If you stock your kitchen exclusively with healthy treats, children will eat them without hesitation. As your children grow, stock good snacks in cabinets and shelves that they can reach without your help. Always keep fruits on the table instead of keeping them in cabinets. This is one way to introduce kids to healthy eating.

2) Praise Healthy Choices:

Kids love it when they’re praised for doing something good. These praises will make them feel optimistic and positive about their choices. Give your children a proud smile and praise them when they choose healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, or low-fat dairy.

3) Be a Role Model:

Normally, children tend to follow what their parents do in their lives. And food habits are no exception to this rule. Children’s food tastes are significantly related to foods that their parents enjoy eating. Letting your child see you order a salad rather than burger and fries, and this will definitely encourage them to do the same.

4) Drink it Up:

Eating is not the only way to embark upon a healthy journey. Drinks and juices are also included in this mix. If your child hesitates to eat his/her fruits, you can introduce it to them in the form of smoothies or mixed fruit drinks which might entice them to go healthy after all.

5) Don’t Give Up:

You will agree to the fact that children are really adamant when it comes to having something green or healthy or something which they don’t like. Children often need multiple exposures to try new foods. They’d reject new foods at first, but that does not mean you give up after that. Repeated try-outs with new foods are the way to ensure your child embarks on a healthy eating journey.

Eating healthy during the early years helps develop healthy eating habits in the long run. Starting young with such habits creates a strong base for their adulthood. We at The Learning Curve ensure your child receives proper nutrition and is introduced to healthy foods. With a carefully crafted menu by a paediatrician, we ensure your child gets the best nutrition, meant for his age.


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