Children Health and Hygiene

Swati Bhatt

Toddler doesn’t need to  try to get dirty. They just do!


Ask a mother or a teacher, and they’ll nod their heads in complete agreement.

Toddlers exhibit a strong curiosity towards their surroundings; so you will find them playing around in mud, turning their clothes into makeshift handkerchiefs, playing with food and having it all over their face and clothes.

While it is okay to let the toddlers be and get dirty in the name of exploration, it is equally important to teach them about cleanliness, hygiene and how practicing the same will help them stay healthy. Though they will not learn about the same overnight, they will slowly learn to imbibe the manners in their everyday life and eventually turn the same into a good habit.

Now, we are happy to walk you through, on how you can teach your young one all about cleanliness.

1) Hand-Washing:

A basic yet sure-shot way of staying clean is by regularly washing your hands. The germs from our hands have the highest chance of transferring into our mouths and thus making us sick. As we have mentioned before, toddlers tend to grab on to things they are curious about and this results in the free-flow exchange of bacteria. Hence, before giving the child anything to eat, get them to wash their hands thoroughly.
2) Bathing:

Not every kid is a fan of bathing. A whole lot of times kids come up with random reasons to avoid bathing. However, you must navigate through these excuses and get them to not just bathe, but to enjoy it and understand its importance. Make bathing a fun activity by adding certain elements to the bath – bubbles are a great idea, adding rubber play ducks in their bath tub is a fun way to engage them too. Formulate a poetry around bathing – washing their head first, then their face, then hands and all the way to their toes – this way they will learn how to bathe & begin to enjoy it too.

3) Coughing and Sneezing:

“Achoo!” “Bless you!” are the common terms you get to hear when your child catches a cold. Teach your child to cover his/her mouth whenever he/she is about to sneeze or cough. Also, when they are battling a runny nose, make them carry a handkerchief with them always and get them to wipe their nose on it, only.

4) Brushing Teeth:

Even though your child learns about the importance of cleaning his/her teeth as he/she grows older, it is essential to teach them how to properly maintain oral hygiene from their toddler days. Preventing cavities through thorough dental hygiene is a must. Take them through the process of brushing and brush with them to engage them in the activity. Right from getting the bristles wet, to smearing a bit of toothpaste on it and brushing in the correct manner – the entire cycle should be taught properly. Just to add that necessary element of fun, allow your child to choose his/her own toothpaste and toothbrush.

Encouraging your children to practise hygiene is a must. While we are not saying you must only be a strict parent who does not enjoy the growing years of the child, we insist that you be a stern parent that makes the learning / imbibing of healthy, hygienic habits a fun activity.

All in all, remember and teach them – “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”





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