Children and the Environment

Protecting the environment is made possible by increasing environmental awareness. Children’s appreciation towards nature begins at a young age, so teaching them about the environment as early as possible is vital.

Kids learn about nature by being one with nature. The more he/she spends time with nature, the more they will be attached to the environment. Rest assured, whether it’s the butterflies on a flower or a small caterpillar that’s crawling on the leaf of a plant, the eyes of children are sure to light up every time they see something really pretty! Helping children understand the importance of taking care of the environment is a great way to teach them character traits like kindness and gratitude.

While not all children are inherently outdoorsy, efforts must be made to build a sense of compassion and respect for the outdoors and for the environment. And to help you do just that, we have listed below ways to help your child fall in love with our environment.

1) A Nature Walk:

Identify the various things you see when you take a walk with your child alongside nature. This could be in a park, or a garden or even a small forest. Identify the inhabitants of the wild and discuss what would happen if their habitat gets destroyed. Discuss what can be done to protect them. This smart & engaging discussion will help kids not only become more aware of the environment but will also encourage them to be more compassionate towards it.

2) Plant a Garden:

Get his/her friends along and plant a garden of fruits and vegetables. Ask them to take care of it every day. Make him/her understand that constant care will bear the fruits in the long term. Also, home-grown fruits are healthier and tastier since they are chemical free. Making children understand the various differences between home-grown and chemical-induced fruits will help them see the better side of gardening. Also, the fun in watching something grow from a seed to a flower or fruit is a different joy all together.

3) Empathy for Living creatures:

Tell the kids this – imagine having the roof ripped off your classroom and a big hand reaching down to pick you up. How would you feel? What if someone put you in a jar and shook it? What if someone lifted your house up and then threw it aside? Taking care of a pet can help your child develop the sense of empathy. If you do not own a pet, visit your nearest pet care centre which can help your child to observe and feed the animals. This is a way initiate a love for the environment in your child.

These make-belief scenarios will make children realize that every living being must be empathized with and that that creature deserves an equal chance of living a peaceful life.

Teach children about the four L’s of living creatures – Look at them, Learn about them, let them go, leave them alone. A sustainable environment can be created if we teach our children the ways to maintain one. Teach them young so that there’s a healthy, robust environment left for generations to come.



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