A Teacher’s Impact on a Child’s Life

A child’s mind is like a mound of clay and teachers are the artisans who give that clay shape and clarity.

Young minds need the right combination of care and independence, empowerment and challenge so they can thrive in their lives. To ensure that this is what they get, the teacher or guru’s role is of paramount important. Taking from Hindu mythology, the best student-teacher example would be that of Dronacharya and Arjun. Drona’s impeccable teaching skills and Arjun’s unwavering dedication became an epitome for student-teacher relationships. Drona saw the talent within Arjun and moulded him to be the best archer amongst them all.

The Guru-Shishya relationship is one that is pure & selfless; it is where the teacher shares his/her knowledge with his/her pupils. And in-turn, the pupil dedicates him/herself to the learnings of the teacher impartially and does not question the teachings one bit. A tradition so pure, this one is being followed till date.

Teachers who are able to inspire, support and provide appropriate care for their students certainly have a great impact one the lives of the child. Ability to guide children on how to ask the right questions and develop skills needed to succeed in life are key factors that teachers must imbibe in themselves as they endeavour to adhere to high standards of ethics & professionalism.

At The Learning Curve, we understand this wholly & hence we provide a platform which helps children move ahead in their lives, overcome obstacles, deal with irregularities, be independent and make decisions by himself/herself. Teachers who provide more than just their knowledge about a subject and those who can be the support systems of their students are nurtured and made a part of The Learning Curve family.

We can proudly say that our teachers have the following qualities:

– Dedication: always available to help the students out

– Effectiveness: Excellent classroom management and making sure his/her words reach the students

– Multi-skilled: Ability to vary instructional strategies, activities and assessment

– Preparation: Being prepared for anything and everything thrown at them

– Experience: the more one teaches, the more one learns how to teach

In a nutshell, a teacher’s work is directly proportional to a student’s work. A student’s fundamental success depends on the teacher’s effectiveness. We, at The Learning Curve, have the entire learning journey designed keeping your child’s future, development and well-being at the core. With proper training and experience, our teachers are capable of handling anything and everything. Teaching is a rewarding and challenging job – but it’s totally worth it and we are up for it.


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