Playing with clay is good for kids

Playing with clay is one of those therapeutic activities that helps the child to calm down and concentrate on something. Clay has always been every child’s favourite pastime; the vibrant colours, soft texture and changing shapes grab the child’s attention for hours, keeping them engaged and active. Now isn’t that what everyone wants?

Playing with clay is also an excellent way clayto develop motor skills. The constant poking, breaking, re-attaching, squeezing and rolling the clay strengthens hand-eye co-ordination and makes the child dextrous. Also, playing with clay gives children a sense of confidence. Research says that when kids notice the reaction to their actions on clay, they feel in charge. Such feelings when expressed, in turn, result into higher self-esteem, confident decision-making skills and leadership qualities. Additionally, playing with clay is an excellent way for kids to breathe life in to their imagination. In fact, we as, parents and teachers, must urge kids to come up with different characters, let their imagination run wild, interact with them while doing the same and turn clay time into absolute fun time!

So, let’s not delay further! Let’s bring out the clay dough and start moulding!


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