Our Belief

Our Belief

Children are travelers in an unknown land we are their guides.

Robert Fisher

Every child is unique, has potential and develops at own pace. If given the right nurturing environment every single child can flourish.

To learn anything fast and effectively you have to see it, hear it and feel it.

Tony Stockwell

This statement by Tony Stockwell guides us in designing activities for learning, it is very important that children can see, hear, touch and if possible taste things. We ensure that we give our young learners the right impetus.

At The Learning Curve we believe that children grow and develop when they are surrounded by love in a secure environment. Children learn best through play, experiential experiences and interaction with peers and adults.

At The Learning Curve we will strive to provide developmentally appropriate activities for all children while creating an individual curriculum. Our focus is the whole child. Activities are planned for the enhancement and development of specific skills.